About MIT Generation Global

MIT Generation Global, sponsored by the MIT Center for International Studies (CIS), is an outreach program to public high schools. The program connects high school students with MIT undergraduate and graduate students who are passionate about solving global problems. This year’s participating high school is Prospect Hill Academy (PHA) in Central Square, Cambridge. MIT Generation Global will bring together a team comprised of two MIT students, a PHA faculty member, and a K-12 curriculum expert to design and facilitate a two-week, problem-based program for a group of rising PHA sophomores and juniors. MIT Generation Global is sponsored by the MIT Center for International Studies (CIS). CIS is home to MISTI and many other international programs, including those focused on security studies, emerging technologies, and urban resilience. » Learn more


For MIT Students

About the Fellowship Competition

The MIT Center for International Studies (CIS) is seeking proposals from MIT undergraduate and graduate student teams for a competition called MIT Generation Global. The winning team will use the fellowship to design and implement a problem-based curriculum that will engage local high school students in critical thinking about global issues. » Learn more

How to Apply

Submit an online proposal by March 30, 2015. Proposal submissions should focus on presenting a scarcity issue that not only manifests itself globally but is also relevant to high school students. The proposal needs to explore the social, political, economic, and technological challenges involved in the scarcity topic.

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For Prospect Hill Academy (PHA)

PHA Students

MIT Generation Global is an opportunity for current PHA high school students to participate in an innovative, two-week, hands-on/ project-based learning experience at MIT from June 29 to July 10, 2015. Students will work with a team of peers to tackle a global issue related to scarcity. This is a tuition-free program. » Learn more

PHA Faculty

We encourage teachers from all disciplines to apply for the fellowship. PHA Faculty Fellow will have the opportunity to:

  1. Provide high school pedagogy and adolescent development expertise to the instructional team;
  2. Mentor, coach, and inspire MIT students who are interested in K-12 urban education;
  3. Receive professional development focused on teaching for global understanding and integrating problem-based curriculum design into their practice. » Learn more

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