How to Apply

Submit your proposal by March 30, 2015

Below application is for MIT students only. We are now accepting proposals from one person teams. Please apply even if you have not found a team member! Prospect Hill Academy information is here.

A. Team Members Information

If you are applying with your team member, please also fill out team member #2 fields.  If you are applying individually, please fill out only team member #1 fields.   Please keep answers to 150 characters.  

B. Proposal: (max. of 7000 characters)

Your submission should include:

1. The Problem: What is the problem and why should we care?
Your proposal should clearly state the global problem of scarcity and then introduce the problem in more detail by presenting at least two compelling examples of how your scarcity issue impacts the global community. 
2. The Hook: How will you engage high school students in the global problem?
Your proposal should describe an overview of a curriculum program that is appropriate for high school students and include at least one example lesson. The lesson plan should include (1) student learning goals and (2) a short summary of the lesson plan that explicitly describes how you will connect your global scarcity problem to issues that teenagers/young adults care about. (See Prospect Hill Academy website for more details about the student population you will be working with.)
3. The Constraints: What are some of the key social, political, economic, and technological challenges?
Your proposal must describe two key social, political, economic, or technological challenges and cite peer-reviewed research/policy papers relevant to your chosen scarcity topic.

4. The Recommendations: What are a few possible solutions worth exploring? 
The recommendations of possible solutions made by the winning team will be fully explored during the curriculum phase of the fellowship.